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“Area 51″ is a massive facility in the Nevada desert that houses Albert Einstein’s letters on the use of nuclear weapons. Other historic relics on display include a nameplate that survived a bomb detonation and much more. You would love to take a sightseeing trip to the Area 51 Alien Center”

10 Fun and Unusual Things to Do in Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is much more than glitzy hotels, neon lights, nightclubs, and posh casinos, but it also offers some unusual indulgences, which one must try to get the real feel of the Vegas City. When it comes to entertainment and sightseeing, the city never disappoints. Here is a list of strange places you must include in your Vegas itinerary.

 Take a tour of the Area 51 Alien Center

  “Area 51” is a massive facility in the Nevada desert that houses Albert Einstein’s letters on the use of nuclear weapons. Other historic relics on display include a nameplate that survived a bomb detonation and much more. You would love to take a sightseeing trip to the Area 51 Alien Center.

Blackout Dining in the Dark

Blackout Dining is exactly what its name and reputation suggest. This one-of-a-kind eatery aims to let your senses fully relish the smell, sounds, and delectable flavors that each meal has to offer. Even the servers here wear night-vision goggles to view and serve you in the pitch darkness and ensure that the customer begins and ends with a blend of food, drinks, and dinner conversation in complete darkness. One must give this restaurant a try if you enjoy mystery and interesting experiences.

Explore the artsy Seven Magic Mountains

 These multicolored totems, located about 10 miles from the Las Vegas Strip are a must-watch. It contrasts beautifully with the desert, producing a picture-perfect backdrop. Ugo Rondinone, a Swiss artist, created the Seven Magic Mountains, an exhibition that effectively put his bright touch on the parched desert.

 Get to learn about the Mafia world at the Mob Museum

 The Mob Museum is a venue where one can learn about the history of gangster vs. law enforcement in Vegas. An interesting gun-training exercise is available at the museum, which is housed in a courthouse. Visitors can participate in an educational workshop concerning police-suspect encounters and how to de-escalate the situation. One can enact like a cop dealing with a real-life suspect by holding a gun in a hand while de-escalating in your voice. These simulations and experiences are worth trying as not every day one gets a chance to act like a cop.

Try the Slot Zilla Zipline

 Those looking for a thrilling adventure must try the Slot Zilla Zipline. There are two zip lines directly above Fremont Street. If you’re not afraid of heights, you’ll have a great experience ziplining across the sky. If you ever find yourself in Fremont, you should add this to your list. It promises to be a fascinating indulgence.

 At Titanic, you may reenact the Titanic movie

 It is a recreation of the world-famous Titanic and the legend that surrounds it. At the start of the tour, visitors who see the exhibit are issued a passenger’s boarding card. Some of the original ship’s chambers have been meticulously recreated to give the best sense of what it’s like to be on board. The names of genuine persons from the Titanic story are on the passenger boarding permit you were given at the museum’s entrance. At the end of the exhibit, you’ll learn if the person on your pass died or not.

 At the Gun Store, Shoot an Uzi

 This is a perfect place for those who have always wanted to try shooting a gun or just handling a firearm. Adults, as well as kids, can enjoy shooting firearms. This isn’t something you’ll come across every day. AK47s, M1A1 submachine guns, and a variety of other guns and rifles are among the weapons. All you need is your driver’s license and a little sum of money to get started.

 Visit the Atomic Testing Museum

 For those intrigued about the technical and scientific expertise that went into developing the history-making weapon – the atomic bomb from WWII, this is the place to be. The museum takes you behind the scenes how the atomic bomb was built and tested, both underground and out in the open. Visitors can feast their eyes on a huge array of goods and exhibits. It’s a fantastic site for everybody to visit.

Enjoy the High Roller

 The High Roller is the world’s largest observation wheel, measuring 520 feet (158 meters) in diameter. It’s perched above the Strip, giving you a bird’s-eye view of Vegas in all its gaudy grandeur – but standing in a suspended glass cabin above the sparkling lights isn’t the only attraction. Visitors can choose to ride with an open bar, which will allow them to combine breathtaking views with a cheeky beverage.

Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum

Zak Bagan has spent years collecting eerie items before organizing them into a spine-chilling 30-room museum in the Arts District’s Charleston Boulevard. It offers a shiver-inducing tour through scary hallways and secret passageways, where one might see Jack Kevorkian’s Death Van, Charlie Manson’s bone pieces, and the real-life Devil’s Rocking Chair from the Conjuring 3 lurking in the shadows.


Tips to Save on Flight Tickets


  • Opt to travel on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. It can fetch you cheap flight ticketsas compared to Fridays and Sundays, which are supposed to be expensive in terms of airfare. 
  • Choose shoulder season to save on Airplane tickets. Avoid traveling in the peak tourist seasons for a particular destination can guarantee a comparatively cheap airline ticket.
  • Flexibility with the time of day for flying is one of the best ways to get cheap plane tickets.
  • Traveling at early mornings or late nights increases the probability of getting cheap flight tickets
  • Setting up Price Alert is a great way to keep oneself updated when an airplane ticket price go up or down.
  • Try opting for a budget airline to get the maximum possibility of grabbing cheap last minute flight tickets, as the budget airline offers cheap last-minute flight dealsmore often than their counterparts.


Enjoy Christmas Lights and events in January – A Guide for Thrifty Travelers

Christmas means lights, shopping, and caroling. And since everyone is busy enjoying everything the festival is known for, rates of almost everything – including flights and hotel accommodations swell up. Therefore, we have brought you the list of cities that stay illuminated with the seasonal lights even weeks after Christmas. Book your plane tickets to these destinations and celebrate the holidays in January without spending a fortune. 

New York City

A tall Christmas tree strung with over five miles of wires and tens of thousands of lights remains seated in the heart of Rockefeller Center till mid-January. It’s no secret that visiting the Big Apple during the holidays may cost a fortune however if you wait for a couple of weeks you can experience pretty much everything except the super crowded streets and stores without exceeding your budget. Most of the NYC hotels marginally drop their rates and cheap flights can be booked on various online platforms. Different boroughs in the metropolis feature different events to entice travelers. Hello Panda Fest in Queens keeps seasonal lights and various festivities going till January 26; Bronx Zoo turns on Christmas Lights on January 3 and 5 and Holiday Train Show runs in New York Botanical Garden till January 26.


The ZooLights at the Lincoln Park Zoo continue delighting visitors till January 5. Thrifty travelers also like the fact that there is no fee to visit the zoo. Other seasonal lightings worth your time are Lightscape, an illuminated path with a tunnel and singing trees that stretch for about a mile at the Chicago Botanical Garden, and over 50 illuminated trees at the Museum of Science and Industry. You can also go skating for free near Millennium Park or Maggie Daley Park. What’s more? Hotel rates go significantly down and you can find better deals on airplane tickets to Chicago in January.

Kansas City

The 15 blocks of building on Country Club Plaza in Kansas City remain illuminated till January 12. And at downtown’s Crown Center is set tall Christmas Tree adorned with thousands of light bulbs and other decorations till January 5. No cars at night and a little snow make this city in the heart of the Midwest a lot more magical. You can head to the Crown Center Ice Terrace, located close to downtown for Ice Skating. There may not be a huge difference in accommodation charges but cheap airline tickets may be easily available.        

San Antonio

The cypress trees lining the Riverwalk of San Antonio remain illuminated with thousands of strings of lights through January 13. An outdoor ice rink nearby in Travis Parks gets a 50-foot Christmas Tree till the end of January. Three Kings Day on January 5 at San Fernando Cathedral in downtown features music and stories of the three wise men who according to the Bible presented Jesus with gifts. Visit SeaWorld San Antonio if you are traveling with your family for you all would love the tour of the amusement park lit with nine million lights between January 1 to 5.

St. Augustine

St. Augustine, situated on Florida’s northeast coast, is another remarkable destination for budget travelers. The city remains adorned with millions of glittering white lights through January 31. Many of the events, stores, and eateries offer the visitors a slice of the holidays even weeks after Christmas. Hotel charges and airlines tickets too drop significantly.

Niagara Falls (Ontario)

In Ontario, Canada, more than three million lights and over 125 animated light displays illuminate a path to Niagara Parkway that transforms a part of Niagara Parks into a mesmerizing place. The world-acclaimed fall also boasts the world’s largest illuminated Canadian-American flag and Canada’s largest illuminated menorah. All this and popular animated displays of various Disney and Pixar characters glowing with vibrant holiday lights draw tourists till late January. Hotel charges in January drop significantly as compared to the end of December. Plenty of cheap airlines tickets can be found from all around the United States.


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