Mature Action Community (MAC)

Loka Yoga Whistler is proud to be associated with the Whistler Mature Action Community (MAC)


Special rates for the senior community (60+ years) include:

  • One Month Unlimited Pass | $75
  • 10 Class Pack | $100

Prices are subject to GST


Classes recommended for the senior population include (but are not limited to):

  • Jivamukti Beginner Vinyasa
  • Jivamukti Basics
  • Rehab Restore
  • Yoga Off The Wall

For more information regarding the types of classes held at the studio, please refer here.

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Can Yoga Help Seniors Beat Stress?
Article by Jenny Holt

How Yoga can Help You Beat Financial Stress
Life is a journey full of great things, but anybody who’s lived long enough knows that life is also full of stressors. Some things cause more stress than others, but most people would agree that matters involving money are very hard on the nerves. It’s important to be able to release tension caused by stress; yoga and meditation are ideal ways to learn to let go of stress.

Yoga for Stress Relief
Yoga, as it’s understood in the West, is a form of exercise in which one performs various sequential poses. Through these poses, muscles are stretched and strengthened, offering those who practice yoga frequently the benefit of enhanced flexibility. Yoga also tends to emphasize concentration on breathing techniques as well as meditative practices, so yoga also has a calming affect for those who practice regularly.

Yoga can be thought of as a physical form of meditation, making the practice of meditation a little easier to grasp for those who tend to be “hand-on” learners. As a physical exercise activity, yoga is inherently good for stress, and the tendency for concentration on breathing and focusing on the activity make it even better for dealing with stress. Also, because yoga typically follows a sequence, it’s easier to know when the practice is complete or how long a session will take (something which can be difficult for those new to meditation).

Meditation for Stress Relief
Meditation can generally be thought of as a practice to clear the mind and find a sense of peace. There are various ways of practicing meditation, and while no one particular practice is inherently better than another, some forms of meditation work better under different circumstances. As an example, yoga can be thought of as a meditative practice because it emphasizes focus on form and breathing, which clears the mind by changing its focus, but it would be very difficult to do yoga in an office setting, or while travelling.

As there are so many different forms of meditative practice, it is important for each person to try different techniques and find what works for them. The most important aspect of a chosen practice is that it should allow the user to clear their mind and take a moment to step away from what’s stressing them. That time spent focused on something which is not stressful allows the user to approach challenges with a fresh perspective later on, making daunting tasks and challenging circumstances seem less overwhelming.

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